Bachelor of Science - Food Technology for Companion Animals

Cat eating

Food Technology for Companion Animals combines food science with the nutritional and physiological demands of companion animals ... the furry, feathery and scaly members of the family. Graduates are in high demand from this unique program to fulfill research, product development, process operations, quality assurance and product safety needs in the industry.

Program Highlights:

  • The first academic program focused specifically on food technology for companion animals.
  • Affiliated with two top departments ... Food Science and Technology and Animal Science
  • Both have excellent scholarship support, world-renowned faculty and award-winning advisors housed in modern facilities.
  • Industry support is strong with shadowing, mentoring, scholarship, intern, and career opportunities plentiful locally and nationally. Outstanding salaries are the norm with starting salaries averaging over $45,000.
  • Many students take advantage of on-campus work experiences in research laboratories and pilot plants.
  • The student professional organizations Food Science Club and Block and Bridle have been recognized on-campus and nationally.


Food Science and Technology

Dr. Randy Wehling
402 472 2857

Animal Science

Allison Raymond
402 472 0204

Dr. Lisa Karr
402 472 6458

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Food Science and Technology

Animal Science