Durward Smith

Durward Smith Associate Professor

B.S. Food Science, University of Idaho
M.S. Food Science, Louisianna State University
Ph.D. Food Science, Louisisanna State University

Contact Information:
253 Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, NE 68583-0919
email: dsmith6@unl.edu

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Food laws and regulations are taught as a section of Food Quality Assurance. Extension activities include advising clients doing value-added processing of horticultural crops and aiding entrepreneurs and smaller food processors in process development and equipment optimization. Dr. Smith also acts as a process authority for small food processors. The Better Control School is taught annually. Extension food science short courses are being developed for the Internet.

Research Area:
Research interests include improving the process efficiencies of smaller-scale food process systems and determining the effects of new process technologies on food quality and food safety.

Five Selected Publications:

  • Ergum, M., E.T. Paparossi, D.P. Coyne, D. Kachman, and D.S. Nuland. 2000. Testing the effect of moisture on seedcoat color in pinto beans. HortScience 36(2): 247-249.
  • Soylemez, G., M.M. Brashears, D. Smith, and S.L. Cuppet. 2000. Microbial quality of alfalfa seeds and sprouts after a chlorine treatment and packaging modifications, J. Food Sci. 65(7): 867-849.
  • Smith, D.A., J.B. Fitzgerald, G.E. Meyer and E.M. Pensick. 2001. Shelf-life extension and arthropod destruction in ornamental propagation cuttings by fluid infusion and modified atmosphere packaging. Presented at the 8th International Controlled Atmosphere Research Conference. July 8-13, 2001 Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Van Ruth, D. Smith, and S. Cuppett. 2003. Influence of ascorbic acid infusion and heat treatment on the flavour of frozen asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.). J. Food Science and Technology 40(5): 472-475.
  • Wilderdyke, M.R., D.A. Smith, and M.M. Brashears. 2004. Isolation, identification, and selection of lactic acid bacteria for competitive inhibition of food-borne pathogens on alfalfa sprouts. J. Food Protection 67(5): 947-951.