Welcome Back FDST Students & Staff

With Summer break behind us, the Department of Food Science and Technology would like to welcome students, faculty, and staff back for the 2014 Fall semester. It's an exciting year for the FDST with some big changes on the horizon.

August 2014 Graduates

The Department of Food Science and Technology would like to congratuate all its students who will be graduating in August:

                Carmen Lucia Cano Roca
                Alejandra Ramirez Hernandez
                Daniel Unruh

                Plaimein Amnuaycheewa
                Maria Quintero

IFT 2014 Presentations

Several faculty and staff members will be presenting at this year's Institute of Food Technologists meeting in New Orelans. The list of FDST and FPC presenters is as follows:

Presenter Title Authors
Dr. Rolando Flores Maintaining Services, Food Services to Business, Going to Applied Research  
Dr. Rolando Flores (Moderator) Potential of Insects as Food and Feed in Assuring Food

Dr. Florence Dunkel, Juan Morales-Ramos,  Stefan Jaronski, Aaron Dossey

Dr. Jeyam Subbiah Microwave Food Safety and Validation Criteria for Refrigerated and Frozen Foods  
Laurie Keeler Challenges in Development and Commerciallzation of Insect-Base Ingredient and Retail Products  
Laurie Keeler Real Pioneers, Experience with Insect Ingredient, Processing, Products, and Marketing

Pat Crowley, Aaron Dossey, Laurie Keeler, Larry McMannis (Moderator)

Maria I. Quintero Impact of galactooligosaccharide (GOS) supplementation on susceptibility to enteric bacterial pathogens Maria I. Quintero-Villegas, Amanda Ramer-Tait, Rodney Moxley, Robert Hutkins
Alejandra Ramirez-Hernandez Adherence Inhibition of Human Pathogen Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli by Mannan Oligosaccharides Alejandra Ramirez-Hernandez, John Rupnow, Robert W. Hutkins


Software Selected by Bottling Company

Niagara Bottling, a national bottled water supplier,  has selected quality assurance software developed by Dr. Harshavardhan Thippareddi, and Dr. Jeyamkondan Subbiah. They created a software prototype to track and analyze the environmental and product testing data that companies already collect, this has reduced the amount of time and labor needed to record laboratory data.

More information is available at: http://go.unl.edu/gg7q