Michael Zeece

Michael Zeece Professor

B.S. Biology, St. Louis University
M.S. Biochemistry, University of Illinois
Ph.D. Food Technology, Iowa State University

Contact Information:
354 Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, NE 68583-0919
email: mzeece1@unl.edu

Teaching and/or Extension Activities
Food Chemistry, Food Proteins, Chemistry of Food (distance chemistry course for non-science majors)

Education Abroad:
Developing and leading interdisciplinary Education Abroad programs focused on Food Entrepreneurship. Programs provide undergraduates with global perspectives in the business of food and exposure to cultural influences. Specific programs include Ireland (2013 & 2015), India (2015), and China (2016).

Research Area:
Research interests: Food Proteomics including conventional and emerging technology applications: Separation technology, Targeted proteome analysis, Mass Spectrometry methods to identify proteins, peptides and post-translational modifications, Protein microarrays: quantitative profiling of plant and animal proteins. High hydrostatic pressure : Effects of treatment on in-vitro digestibility, and Identification of bioactive peptides.


Selected Publications:

  • Schulz, J., N. Palmer, J. Steckelberg, and M.G. Zeece. 2006. Microarray profiling of skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins. Biochim. Biophys. Acta Proteins and Proteomics 1764: 1429-1435.
  • Zeece, M.G., X. Gu, J.M. Markwell, and G. Sarath 2006. Proteomic assessment of allergens. In(Detecting allergens in Foods S. Koppleman & S.Hefle eds.) Woodhead Publishing 147-154.
  • Zeece, M., T. Huppertz, and A. Kelly, A. 2008. Effect of high-pressure treatment on in-vitro digestibility of beta-lactoglobulin. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 9, 62-69.
  • Kelly, A. L. and M. Zeece,. 2009. Applications of novel technologies in processing of functional foods. Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 64, 12-15.
  • Hoppe, A., S. Jung, A. Patnaik, and M.G. Zeece. 2013. Effect of high pressure treatment on egg white protein digestibility and peptide products. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 17, 54-62.