Yue Zhang

Teaching/Extension Activities:
Food Chemistry,  Physical Chemistry of Foods

Research Area:

The research in Dr.Zhang’s Lab is focused on the physicochemical properties of food biopolymers and their applications in food. Specifically, we are interested in:

Delivery systems: Fabrication and characterization of food-grade delivery systems of bioactive food components and additives.

Packaging: Development of biopolymer-based nanocomposite films/coatings to obtain the desired functional properties.

Functionality of biopolymers: Utilization of food biopolymers to improve the mechanical and functional properties of food products. Our goal is to study the molecular interactions of biopolymers with other food components and the correlations between molecular interactions and functionalities of food systems.

Zhang lab webpage (http://foodphyschem.unl.edu)

Selected Publications:

  • Wang, L.; Zhang, Y., Eugenol nanoemulsion stabilized with zein and sodium caseinate by self-assembly. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2017, 65 (14), 2990-2998.
  • Romero, H. M.; Santra, D.; Rose, D.; Zhang, Y., Dough rheological properties and texture of gluten-free pasta based on proso millet flour. Journal of Cereal Science 2017, 74, 238-243.
  • Motta‐Romero, H.; Zhang, Z.; Tien Nguyen, A.; Schlegel, V.; Zhang, Y., Isolation of Egg Yolk Granules as Low‐Cholesterol Emulsifying Agent in Mayonnaise. Journal of Food Science 2017, 82, 1588-1593.
  • Zhang, Y.; Ma, Q.; Critzer, F.; Davidson, P. M.; Zhong, Q., Physical and antibacterial properties of alginate films containing cinnamon bark oil and soybean oil. LWT - Food Science and Technology 2015, 64 (1), 423-430.
  • Zhang, Y.; Zhong, Q., Encapsulation of bixin in sodium caseinate to deliver the colorant in transparent dispersions. Food Hydrocolloids 2013, 33 (1), 1-9.
Yue Zhang
Assistant Professor


B.S. Chemistry, Wuhan University, China

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Wuhan University, China

Post-Doc, Food Biophysics, University of Tennessee

Contact Information:
270 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205
402 472 8583