Mei Lu

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:

Teach undergraduates from the “3+1” program:

  • FDST205 Food Composition and Analysis
  • BIOC321 Biochemistry
  • BIOCL321 Biochemistry Lab

Research Area:

Research interests include the identification and detection of food allergens, the allergenicity assessment of the genetically modified crops, and the effect of food processing on food allergens.

Selected Publications:

  • M Lu, RL Cerny, RE Goodman. 2015. Immunological and proteomics analysis of proteins from three soybean lines were tested to identify proteins commonly bound by IgE from sensitized subjects. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, suppl. S 135.2: AB248.
  • MX Maldonado-Gomez, H Lee, D Barile, M Lu, RW Hutkins. 2015. Adherence inhibition of enteric pathogens to epithelial cells by bovine colostrum fractions. International Dairy Journal, 40, 24-32.
  • M Lu, B Yuan, M Zeng, J Chen. 2010. Antioxidant capacity and major phenolic compounds of spices commonly consumed in China. Food Research International, 44(2): 530-536.
Mei Lu
Assistant Professor of Practice


B.S. Food Quality and Safety, Jiangnan University, China

M.S. Food Science, Jiangnan University, China

Ph.D. Food Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Contact Information:
249 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6207