Luis Sabillon Galeas

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
3+1 Program of Study – Cereal Technology (FDST 412); Dairy Products Technology (FDST 429)

Research Area:

  • Evaluation and implementation of processing tools, technologies and control strategies to improve the microbiological safety and quality of food and pet food products
  • Impact of food processing operations on mycotoxins and pathogenic microorganisms
  • Development, evaluation, and implementation of cleaning and sanitation protocols for food processing and handling operations

Twelve Selected Publications:

  • Gulati, P., Sabillón, L., Rose, D.J. 2018. Effects of processing method and solute interactions on pepsin digestibility of cooked proso millet flour. Food Research International. 109: 583-588. 
  • Mendoza, J.R., Sabillón, L., Martínez, W., Campabadal, C., Hallen-Adams, H., Bianchini, A. 2017. Traditional Maize Post-Harvest Management Practices amongst Smallholder Farmers in Guatemala. Journal of Stored Products Research. 71:14-21.
  • Sabillón, L., Stratton, J., Rose, D.J., Bianchini, A. 2016. Reduction in Microbial Load of Wheat by Tempering With Organic Acid and Saline Solutions. Cereal Chemistry. 93(6):638-46.
  • Sabillón, L., Stratton, J., Rose, D.J., Regassa, T.H., Bianchini, A. 2016. Microbial Load of Hard Red Winter Wheat Produced at Three Growing Environments Across Nebraska, USA. Journal of Food Protection. 79(4):646-54.
  • Sabillón, L., Bianchini, A. 2016. From Field to Table: A Review on the Microbiological Quality and Safety of Wheat-Based Products. Cereal Chemistry. 93(2):105-15.

Luis Sabillon Galeas
Assistant Professor of Practice


B.S. Food Technology, Zamorano University (Honduras) 

M.B.A., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) 

M.S. Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)

Ph.D. Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)

Contact Information:
245 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205