Room Reservation Policies

An auditorium with chairs and a whiteboard

Classroom and Conference Room Reservation Policies

General hours for room reservations are 7:30 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday. For room reservation requests outside the general hours, please allow a two-business day approval time to ensure building access.

When making requests, please consider any additional time needed for setting up prior to the event and tearing down afterwards. This needs to be factored into the start and end times.

FIC room reservations may not be scheduled on Nebraska Innovation Campus during home football game days.

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks are only allowed in designated areas. Each person is responsible to clean-up after themselves!

No buffet or food serving lines are allowed in FIC 277 Auditorium. Food must be served outside the classroom. Then, food may be consumed by individuals in the classroom. 

Event coordinators are responsible to clean up immediately after their event. If there are spills, report them immediately to Sharisa Heier (, 402-472-2905, FIC 232) or Julie Reiling (, 402-472-2529, FIC 271). If you need additional trash cans for your event, please contact Sharisa Heier.

USB drives are not available in our classrooms and conference rooms. Please use an online Cloud storage service.

Rules and Safety
Rooms are to be left in the same orderly fashion in which they are originally found. Equipment is to be turned off, white boards cleared, trash picked up, and the furniture returned to its original configuration before leaving the space.

Events must be conducted in an orderly fashion and within the confines of the assigned room in order to not disturb the classes and offices located in the surrounding areas.

Rooms remain unlocked; therefore, DO NOT leave any personal or departmental belongings unattended in rooms; University of Nebraska-Lincoln cannot be held responsible if anything is lost, damaged, or stolen.

All special events held in FIC rooms are subject to the Youth Activity Safety Policy.

Guest and On-Street Parking
Guest and on-street parking at NIC is metered (pay by phone or pay station). Use the Passport Parking app to pay for parking on-street or in the paved lot north of Transformation Drive and the Conference Center. Metered parking is enforced Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am-6:00 pm.

Special event guests are not eligible to park in the lot surrounding FIC unless they have a proper NIC parking permit. If they do not have a permit, they will be ticketed and ask to move their vehicle.

If you have a UNL permit, you must notify Parking and Transit Services and request being added to reciprocal NIC visitor list. Requests can be made by sending email to from an official campus email account. UNL parking permits purchased through University Services Parking Services are valid in the paved lot north of Transformation Drive and the Conference Center (A lot). 

Classroom and Conference Room Reservations

Individuals wishing to reserve a classroom or conference room must contact the room coordinator and abide by the room reservation polices.

Groups outside of UNL must have special permission to use our space from the Department Head. A reservation fee may be charged.

RoomDescriptionContactCapacityPresentation EquipmentFood Allowed
FIC 106Microbiology Teaching LabAngie Ratekin30PC Cloud & Laptop HookupNo
FIC 107Kitchen Grade Teaching LabAngie Ratekin30PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 111Training RoomGraye Muir-Lewis30PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 115NFHC ConferenceMichaela Tonak10PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 220ClassroomJulie McManamey50PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 221Recruiting SpaceSarah Gergen6NoYes
FIC 222ConferenceGraye Muir-Lewis8PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 234Executive ConferenceGraye Muir-Lewis14PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 271.15FPC ConferenceJulie Reiling10WIFI HookupYes
FIC 275ClassroomJulie McManamey50PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes
FIC 277AuditoriumJulie McManamey110PC Cloud & Laptop HookupNo
FIC 280ConferenceGraye Muir-Lewis6PC Cloud & Laptop HookupYes

Outside Deck
The outside deck is accessible from the 2nd floor administration space, near the FIC 234 Conference Room. The deck is open 8:00 am-5:00 pm, May 1-October 31. If you need access at a different time, please contact Graye Muir Lewis at

Contemplation Room (FIC 316)
The Contemplation Room is located in FIC 316. Use of the contemplation space for practice of religious obligations and rites has all-day priority. Other uses for this space can occur on a first-come, first-serve basis when available. Prairie graphics on glass are in memory of Dr. Lloyd Bullerman. 

If you need access to the 3rd floor in order to use FIC 316, please submit the access request to Julie Reiling at

Lactation Room (FIC 269)
The Lactation Room is located in FIC 269. A small refrigerator is available. The space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.