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Welcome new faculty and staff

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The Department would like to welcome several new faculty and staff members.
  • Dr. Jennifer Achtung - Assistant Professor of Microbiology
  • Dr. Deniz Ciftci - Assistant Professor of Practice in Food Chemistry Analysis
  • Dr. Jooyeon Jung - Assistant Professor of Practice in Food Product Development
  • Julie McManamey - Office Associate
  • Angela Ratekin - Classroom Laboratory Manger

2018 Spring Semester Graduates

Graduation Cap with tassle
Bachelor’s Degree
Cody Brown
Rebecca Conn
Christine Darden
Elliott Fullner
Sarah Herzinger
Irwin Panguripan

Abdulaziz Aldahash
Sabrina Vasquez

Mohammed Aldawsari
Katherine Ivens
Hatem Kittana
An Nguyen
Ahmad Salamatulla

Dr. Theo Lioutas joins FDST

Dr. Theo Lioutas
Dr. Lioutas is shifting from Biological Systems Engineering within IANR. In spite of his relocation to the Food Innovation Center, Dr. Lioutas will still be focusing on leading engineering activities in the development of food manufacturing into a nationally recognized institute. He is also forming and leading a consortia to collectively address the manufacturing challenges for sustainable production of nutritious and safe food as well as garnering extramural support and participation in collaborative projects and the leadership of outreach activities.

2018 Student Banquet

Dr. Amanda Ramer Tait with Hattem Kitanna, and Rafael Munoz in the lab.
The Student Banquet will be held on April 26th, 2018 at the Wick Alumni Center 1529 R ST. The event is free for students. Tickets for parents and guests is $25. For more information and to apply visit https://foodsci.unl.edu/banquet

Battle of the Food Scientists Returns

Battle of the Food Scientists Banner
A cooking contest featuring students, faculty, and local industry people returns to the Food Innovation Center on Wednesday, February 28th at 5 PM. Admission is free, it will also live-streamed on Facebook.

Update: The event was a great success and was featured on Nebraska Today

Upcoming FDST 951 Seminars

FDST Spotlight

Chris Ebbers

International Student Success Navigator
Chris Ebbers
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Recent Publications

Galeb S. Abu-Ali, Raaj S. Mehta, Jason Lloyd-Price, Kerry L. Ivey, Himel Malick, Tobyn Branck, David A. Drew, Casey DuLong, Eric Rimm, Jacques Izard, Andy T. Chan, Curtis Huttenhower.  Microbial ecology and population structure in the human gut metatranscriptome.  Nature Microbiology (2018) vol. 3(3), pp. 356-366. (doi: 10.1038/s41564-017-0084-4)

M Lu, Y Jin, R Cerny, B Ballmer-Weber, RE Goodman. 2018. Combining 2-DE immunoblots and mass spectrometry to identify putative soybean (Glycine max) allergens. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 116, 207-215.

Mendoza, J. R., Rodas, A., Oliva, A., Sabillón, L., Colmenares, A., Clarke, J., Bianchini, A. (2018). Safety and Quality Assessment of Smallholder Farmers Maize in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Journal of Food Protection, 81(5), 776-784. doi:10.4315/0362-028x.jfp-17-355

Raaj S. Mehta, Galeb Abu-Ali, David A. Drew, Jason Lloyd-Price, Ayshwarya Subramanian, Paul Lochhead, Amit Joshi, Kerry Ivey, Hamed Khalili, Gordon T. Brown, Casey Dulong, Mingyang Song, Long Nguyen, Himel Mallick, Eric B. Rimm, Jacques Izard, Curtis Huttenhower, and Andrew T. Chan Genomic and Functional Stability of the Human Gut Microbiome. Nature Microbiology (2018) vol. 3(3), pp. 347-355. (doi:10.1038/s41564-017-0096-0

Yin Cao, Kana Wu, Raaj Mehta, David A. Drew, Mingyang Song, Paul Lochhead, Long H. Nguyen, Jacques Izard, Charles S. Fuchs, Wendy S. Garrett, Curtis Huttenhower, Shuji Ogino, Edward L. Giovannucci, and Andrew T. Chan. Long-term use of antibiotics and risk of colorectal adenoma. Gut (2018) vol. 67(4), pp. 672-678. (doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2016-313413)

B Yuan, M-G Danao, M Lu, J Stratton, S Weier, C Weller. 2018. High pressure processing (HPP) of aronia berry puree: Pilot scale processing and a shelf-life study. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 47, 241-248.

B Yuan, M-G Danao, J Stratton, S Weier, C Weller, M Lu. 2018. High pressure processing (HPP) of aronia berry purée: Effects on physicochemical properties, microbial counts, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant capacities. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 47, 249-255.

B Yuan, M Lu, K Eskridge, M Hanna. 2018. Valorization of hazelnut shells into natural antioxidants by ultrasound-assisted extraction: Process optimization and phenolic composition identification. Journal of Food Process Engineering.

Recent Funding

Clarke, J., ARD Strategic Funding Supercomputing and Life Sciences Symposium. $2,000.

Calkins, C. and Subbiah, J.  The Science of Dry-Aged Beef. Nebraska Beef Council, October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018. $38,136. 

Jennifer Clarke, DHHS, Nebraska Center for Integrated Biomolecular Communication (CIBC), $2,250,619

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