Devin Rose

 Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Food Carbohydrates
Food Chemistry
Food Product Development
Sensory Evaluation

Research Areas:
Research in my lab is aimed at improving the quality and health-promoting properties of cereal grains and their products, with particular emphasis on whole grains and dietary fibers. Our approaches are to:

  • Develop methodologies for evaluation of end-use quality and chemical composition of whole grains
  • Determine how differences in chemical and physical properties of whole grains influence end-use quality
  • Identify grain components with potentially health-promoting properties using in vitro approaches
  • Determine the impact of whole grain- and dietary fiber-containing foods on diet-related disease prevention in human and animal trials

Graduate Students and Visiting Scholars
Lab Protocols and Methods
Recent Publications:
  • Wang L, Gulati P, Santra D, Rose DJ, Zhang Y. 2018. Nanoparticles prepared by proso millet protein as novel curcumin delivery system. Food Chemistry 240:1039-1046.
  • Navrotskyi S, Baenziger PS, Regassa T, Guttieri MJ, Rose DJ. 2018. Variation in asparagine concentration in Nebraska wheat. Cereal Chemistry 95:264-273.
  • Gulati P, Zhou Y, Elowsky C, Rose DJ. 2018. Microstructural changes to proso millet protein bodies upon cooking and digestion. Journal of Cereal Science 80:80-86.
  • Awika J, Rose DJ, Simsek S. 2018. Complementary effects of cereal and pulse polyphenols and dietary fiber on chronic inflammation and gut health. Food & Function 9:1389-1409.
  • Ubeyitogullari A, Moreau R, Rose D, Zhang J, Ciftci ON. 2018. Enhancing bioaccessibility of phytosterols using nanoporous corn and wheat starch bioaerogels. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 1700229.
  • Poudel R, Rose DJ. 2018. Changes in enzymatic activities and functionality of whole wheat flour due to steaming of wheat kernels. Food Chemistry 263:315-320.
  • Gulati P, Sabillón L, Rose DJ. 2018. Effects of processing method and solute interactions on pepsin digestibility of cooked proso millet flour. Food Research International 109:583-588.
  • Venegas JP, Graybosch RA, Wienhold B, Rose DJ, Waters BM, Baenziger PS, Eskridge K, Bai G, St. Amand P. 2018. Biofortification of hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by genes conditioning low phytate and high grain protein concentration. Crop Science 58:1-12.
  • Gulati P, Jia S, Li A, Holding D, Santra D, Rose DJ. 2018. In vitro pepsin digestibility of cooked proso millet (Pancium miliaceum L.) and related species from around the world. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66:7156-7164.
  • Gulati P, Rose DJ. 2018. Effect of extrusion on folic acid concentration and mineral element dialyzability in Great Northern beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Food Chemistry 269: 118-124.
  • Kopf JC, Suhr MJ, Clarke J, Eyun S, Riethoven JJM, Ramer-Tait AE, Rose DJ. 2018. Role of whole grains versus fruits and vegetables in reducing subclinical inflammation and promoting gastrointestinal health in individuals affected by overweight and obesity: a randomized controlled trial. Nutrition Journal 17:72.
Devin Rose
Associate Professor

B.S. Food Science, Brigham Young University

M.S. Food Science, Brigham Young University

Ph.D., Food Science, Purdue University

Post Doc., Food Technology, USDA-ARS

Contact Information:
268 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205
402 472 2802

Nebraska Food for Health Center