David Jackson

David Jackson Professor, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.S. Food Science, Cornell University
M.S. Food Science (Cereal Technology), Texas A&M University
Ph.D. Food Science (Cereal Chemistry), Texas A&M University

Contact Information:
Agricultural Research Division
Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station
207 Agricultural Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0704
email: djackson1@unl.edu
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Research Area:


Five Selected Publications:

  • Sweley, J. C., Rose, D. J., and Jackson, D. S. 2012. Hybrid and environment effects on popcorn kernel physiochemical properties and their relationship to microwave popping performance. J. Cereal Sci. 55:188-194. (Abstract)
  • Griess, J. K., Mason, S. C., Jackson, D. S., Galusha, T. D., Pedersen, J. F., and Yaseen, M. 2011. Environment and hybrid influences on rapid-visco-analysis flour properties of food-grade grain sorghum. Crop Sci. 51:1757-1766. (Abstract)
  • Johnson, W. B., Ratnayake, W. S., Jackson, D. S., Lee, K., Herrman, T. J., Bean, S. R., and Mason, S. C. 2010. Factors affecting the alkaline cooking performance of selected corn and sorghum hybrids. Cereal Chem. 87:524-531. (Abstract)
  • Hansen, L.E., Jackson, D.S., Wehling, R.L., Wilson, J.D. and Graybosch, R.A. 2010. Functionality of native tetraploid wheat starches: Effects of waxy loci alleles and amylose concentration in blends. Journal of Cereal Science 52(1):39-45. (Abstract)
  • Zhu, T., Jackson, D.S., Wehling, R.L. and Gera, B. 2008. Comparison of Amylose Determination Methods and the Development of a Dual Wavelength Iodine Binding Technique. Cereal Chemistry 85(1):51-58. (Abstract)