Dr. Stephen Taylor

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Food Toxicology

Research Area:
Research interests involve food allergies and allergy-like diseases, the development of immunochemical methods for the detection of allergens, proteins, and toxins; the assessment of the allergenicity of food ingredients derived from commonly allergenic foods; and the effect of food processing on food allergens. Co-Director: Food Allergy Research & Resource Program.

Five Selected Publications:

  • Koppelman, S. J., J. A. Nordlee, P.-W. Lee, R. P. Happe, M. Hessing, R. Norland, T. Manning, R. Deschene, G. A. H. de Jong, and S. L. Taylor.  2012.  Parvalbumin in fish skin-derived gelatin.  Food Additives Contaminants, Part A 29:1347-1355.
  • Remington, B. C., J. L. Baumert, D. B. Marx, and S. L. Taylor.  2013.  Quantitative risk assessment of foods containing peanut advisory labeling.  Food Chem. Toxicol. 62:179-187.
  • Taylor, S. L., J. L. Baumert, A. G. Kruizinga, B. C. Remington, R. W. R. Crevel, S. Brooke-Taylor, K. J. Allen, The Allergen Bureau of Australia & New Zealand, and G. Houben.  2014.  Establishment of Reference Doses for residues of allergenic foods:  report of the VITAL Expert Panel.  Food Chem. Toxicol. 63:9-17.          
  • Downs, M. L., A. Semic-Jusufagic, A. Simpson, A. Custovic, J. Barta, M. Fernandez-Rivas, S. L. Taylor, J. L. Baumert, and E. N. C. Mills. 2014.  Characterization of low molecular weight allergens from English walnut (Juglans regia).  J. Agr. Food Chem.. 62:11767-11775.
  •  Jayasena, S., M. Smits, D. Fiechter, G. A. H. de Jong, J. Nordlee, J. Baumert, S. L. Taylor, R. H. Pieters, and S. J. Koppelman.  2015.  Comparison of six commercial ELISA test kits for their specificity and sensitivity in detecting different major peanut allergens.  J. Agr. Food Chem.  63:1849-1855.
Stephen Taylor
Co-Director FARRP

M.S. Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University

Ph.D. Biochemistry, Universityof California-Davis

Post Doc.
Environmental Toxicology Nutritution, University of California-Davis

Contact Information:
281 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6207
402 472 2833