Rolando FloresDr. Rolando Flores
Professor and Department Head

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de Costa Rica
M.S. Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University
Ph.D. Grain Science, Kansas State University


Contact Information:
143F Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, NE 68583-0919

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Advanced Grain Processing Technologies, Milling Processing Technology Management. Milling Technology II; Management Applications in Grain Processing Industries; Principles of Milling

Research Area:
Water optimization in food processing.

Selected Publications:
•  Meneses, Y. E., K. J. Canon, and R. A. Flores. 2014. Keys to Understanding and Addressing Consumer Perceptions and Concerns about Processed Foods. Cereals Foods World, 59(3): 141-146.

• Selani, M. M., S. G. C. Brazaca, C. T. dos Santos Dias, W. S. Ratnayake, R. A. Flores, and A. Bianchini. 2014. Characterisation and potential application of pineapple pomace in an extruded product for fibre enhancement. Food Chemistry, 163:23-30.

• Doblado-Maldonado, A. F., R. A. Flores, and D. J. Rose. 2013. Low moisture milling of wheat for quality testing of wholegrain flour. Journal of Cereal Grains, 58(3): 420-423.

• Kyureghian, G., R. Flores. 2012. Meta-Analysis of Studies on Vitamin C Contents of Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables. Journal of Food Nutritional Disorders 1:2.

• Rose, D. J., A. Bianchini, B. Martinez, and R. A. Flores. 2012. Methods for reducing microbial contamination of wheat flour and effects on functionality. Cereals Foods World, 57(3): 104-109.

• Silva, L.C., D. M. Queiroz, R.A. Flores and E. C. Melo. 2012. A simulation toolset for modeling grain storage facilities, J. of Stored Products Research, 48:30-36.