Rolando FloresDr. Rolando Flores
Professor and Department Head

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de Costa Rica
M.S. Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University
Ph.D. Grain Science, Kansas State University

Contact Information:
143F Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, NE 68583-0919

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Advanced Grain Processing Technologies, Milling Processing Technology Management. Milling Technology II; Management Applications in Grain Processing Industries; Principles of Milling

Research Area:
Research oriented toward the utilization, optimization and development of foods and new uses for
grains and other agricultural products and their by-products

Selected Publications:
• Silva, L.C., D. M. Queiroz, R.A. Flores and E. C. Melo. 2012. A simulation toolset for modeling grain storage facilities, J. of Stored Products Research, 48:30-36.

• Hicks, K. B., J. Wilson, and R. A. Flores. 2011. Progressive hull removal from barley using the Fitzpatrick comminuting mill. Applied Engineering in Agriculture,27(5): 797-802. (Received the 2012 ASABE Superior Paper Award.)

• Griffey, C., Brooks, W., Kurantz, M., Thomason, W., Taylor, F., Obert, D., Moreau, R., Flores, R., Sohn, M., and Hicks, K. 2010. Grain composition of Virginia winter barley and implications for use in feed, food, and biofuels production, Journal of Cereal Science, 51: 41-49.

• Prasopsunwattana, N., M. Botero Omary, E A. Arndt, P. H. Cooke, R. A. Flores, W. Yokoyama, A. Toma, S. Chongcham, and S. P. Lee. 2009. Particle size effects on the quality of flour tortillas enriched with whole grain waxy barley. Cereal Chemistry 86 (4): 439-451.

• Toma, A., M. B. Omary, K. A. Rosentrater, E. A. Arndt, N. Prasopsunwattana, S. Chongcham, R. A. Flores, and S. P. Lee. 2008. Understanding Consumer Preference for Functional Barley Tortillas Through Sensory, Demographic, and Behavioral Data. Cereal Chemistry 85 (6): 721-729.

• Moreau, R. A., K. E. Wayns, R. A. Flores, and K. B. Hicks. 2007. Tocopherols and tocotrienols in barley oil prepared from germ and other fractions from scarification and sieving of hulless barley. Cereal Chemistry 84(6): 587-592.