Dr. Rolando Flores

Teaching and/or Extension Activities:
Advanced Grain Processing Technologies, Milling Processing Technology Management. Milling Technology II; Management Applications in Grain Processing Industries; Principles of Milling

Research Area:
Research oriented toward (1) optimization of water use in food processing and (2) the utilization, optimization and development of foods and new uses for grains and other agricultural products and their by-products.

Selected Publications:

  • Selani, M. M., A. Bianchini, W. Ratnayake, R. A. Flores, A. P. Massariolli, S. M. de Alencar,S. G. C. Brazaca. 2016. Physicochemical, functional and antioxidant properties of tropical fruits co-products. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, Online, pp 1-8.

  •  Meneses, Y. E. and R. A. Flores. 2016. Whey- recovered water in CIP systems, its feasibility, safety and economic implications. A case study on water conservation for the dairy industry. Journal of Dairy Science, 99: 1-12. 
  • Meneses, Y. E., K. J. Canon, and R. A. Flores. 2014. Keys to Understanding and Addressing Consumer Perceptions and Concerns about Processed Foods. Cereals Foods World, 59(3): 141-146.

  • Selani, M. M., S. G. C. Brazaca, C. T. dos Santos Dias, W. S. Ratnayake, R. A. Flores, and A. Bianchini. 2014. Characterisation and potential application of pineapple pomace in an extruded product for fibre enhancement. Food Chemistry, 163:23-30.

  • Doblado-Maldonado, A. F., R. A. Flores, and D. J. Rose. 2013. Low moisture milling of wheat for quality testing of wholegrain flour. Journal of Cereal Grains, 58(3): 420-423.

  • Kyureghian, G., R. Flores. 2012. Meta-Analysis of Studies on Vitamin C Contents of Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables. Journal of Food Nutritional Disorders 1:2.

Rolando Flores
Professor and Department Head

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de Costa Rica

M.S. Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University

Ph.D. Grain Science,
Kansas State University

Contact Information:
233 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205
Email: rflores2@unl.edu